Evita is Toscano

Toscano floor

Photos Steven Krause, Story David Bolling If Eva Perón were still alive she’d be 98 years old and moving, we can assume, rather slowly. But if she were alive and had witnessed the flattering (if painfully honest) depiction of her life by Madonna in the 1996 film version of Evita,…

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Here, Kitty, Kitty

Lynette with NaviGator

A tour through the Lyon menagerie. Photos Steven Krause It all started 16 years ago with a camel named Kazzy, a female Bactrian (two humps), born in Casper, Wyoming, and adopted by Rob and Robin Lyon when she was 3 days old and weighed 110 pounds. They nursed Kazzy round…

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BMX Queen

Nikita Ducarroz car

Nikita Abate Ducarroz is Finally Flying High. Story Kate Williams Photos Steven Krause She explodes off the ledge into a vertical drop gaining velocity as she approaches the launch point. The ramp is bisected into two equal bowls, each 30 feet long. She is standing, not sitting in the saddle…

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Artefact Design & Salvage

Artefact main

Story David Bolling Photos Steven Krause The list is almost endless. As deep as Dave Allen’s fertile imagination and as wide as his global travels. Consider these: A stack of rusting wrought-iron crosses removed from an Italian cemetery. Wall-sized clock faces from buildings all over the world. Piles of 4-inch-thick…

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HOME: What Are We Doing Here?


When George Bevan designs a home it becomes a community question. Story David Bolling Photos Sarah Deragon, Mike Pucci, Cesar Rubio Split open the veneer of any community and you quickly discover that architecture rules. The design, contours, size, density and exterior materials of buildings drive endless official and unofficial…

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