The Topsy-Turvy World of Sonoma Real Estate

An old metal door knocker in London.

There’s nothing more important than a happy home—if you can afford one. Story: Jonah Raskin Not long ago, a distinguished California teacher and journalist named Gordon Young wanted to write about his down-and-dirty hometown, Flint, Michigan. He didn’t want to buy a home there, but he told folks in Flint…

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Codi Binkley: Why isn’t this man famous?


Story David Bolling Photos Steven Krause Find yourself a copy of the Whiskey Thieves CD, Almost Time, cue up any song—perhaps “Used to Be,” “Stars Above” or “Whiskey and Women”—close your eyes and conjure in your mind the image of the man you hear singing. The voice is slightly world-weary,…

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Big Pig


Lord Snort (and other exotic exaggerations). Bryan Tedrick’s massive metal nightmares. Story & Photos David Bolling Bryan Tedrick is dressed in a long-sleeved shirt buttoned at the neck, a dark do-rag over his head, a respirator over his mouth and a welder’s helmet on his face. He is bent over…

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Can you take a horseman out of the barn?


Here’s the thing about Tony Knecht: horses. He’s into horses. But that doesn’t really cover the subject because the horses he is into are Clydesdales. And that leads to an entirely different barn. The average quarter horse weighs about 1,000 pounds and stands maybe 15 hands. The average Clydesdale weighs…

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Standing in the Path of the Tequila Tsunami

Fred Groth

How to survive and enjoy the fruits of agave and cactus. Photos Steven Krause & David Bolling Step out of the Plaza sunlight into the shade of Maya restaurant and in a few steps you will find yourself face-to-face with a virtual pyramid and an instant dilemma. The pyramid is…

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