SDC Closure Date Can’t Be Met


Critics say 2018 too soon. Story John McChesney |   Photos David Bolling At the intersection of Arnold Drive and Harney Street, in the geographical center of the Sonoma Developmental Center, there is a paradoxical sign. It reads: “SDC is Hiring.” Given that the state of California made clear more than…

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Trump, Ford, Cheney and the Republican Path of Bob Gardner


Following a veteran GOP strategist through the political jungle. Story David Bolling Some people naively believe that, in the political confines of the presumably very liberal Sonoma Valley, there are few if any Republicans. Wrong. You probably know some. You may be one, and if you are, you know you’re…

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Almost Legal


Looking at the future of pot Story Jonah Raskin Photos Steven Krause The Pot Summit On a hot summer day, Chris Andrian—one of Sonoma County’s craftiest criminal defense attorneys—conferred with a client named Tariq Alazraie, one of the savviest movers and shakers in the Northern California world of medical cannabis.…

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The New La Luz


A bridge across the cultural chasm. Story Jonah Raskin Photos Steven Krause   “Juan” and “Juanita” told their stories on a quiet morning near the corner of Boyes Boulevard and Highway 12 with the understanding that their real names not appear in print. For thousands of dollars, a coyote smuggled…

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“It’s an Amazing Dance”


The Stars and Planets of Astrologer PJ Tyler. Story & Photos David Bolling PJ Tyler sits in a hexagonal hut that seems to be stuffed with stars and planets. They adorn the walls and fill empty spaces on the bookshelves that circle the room. And because the space has the…

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