We Hear Therefore We Are


Bernie Krause is listening to the whole natural world. Story: Jonah Raskin  Photos: Steven Krause The American naturalist Ralph Waldo Emerson called himself “a transparent eyeball,” and added, “I see all.” Bernie Krause, the world’s foremost soundscape ecologist, might describe himself as “a transparent ear” and add, “I hear all.”…

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A Different Kind of Dangerous Summit


Jon Reiter has climbed six of the seven summits, but his latest climb involved a friendly bank, a huge loan and a very high limb. Story: David Bolling     Photos: Steven Krause Jon Reiter is accustomed to considerable risk. He has completed six of the seven summits, which entails climbing to…

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Santa Returns


The jolly fat man is back talking coal and Angelina Jolie. Story: David Bolling   Photos: Steven Krause Valley of the Moon magazine: The last time we had a little chat you were in a warehouse on Eighth Street East. You should see my warehouse this year. Ho. Ho. Ho. Ho.…

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Jack London, Californian


One hundred years gone, does he still matter? Story: Jonah Raskin   Photos: Jack London The 100th anniversary of Jack London’s death, on November 22, 1916, virtually overlaps the publication of this issue of Valley of the Moon magazine. For the past year, these pages have been regularly stuffed with London…

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City Planners OK Car Camping at Sonoma Shelter


Safe parking program could start December 1. Story & Photo: David Bolling In the City of Sonoma, there were 18 people living in their cars as of August 30 of this year. Eight were men, 10 were women and half were over the age of 50. Kathy King, executive director…

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