The Mission of This Magazine

The Valley of the Moon defines a community that has a lot of the good things other great communities have, and then it has something more. We’re all trying to define what that something more is, although to some extent it is clearly us – the people who live and work here.

Like bees to honey, many interesting, diverse, caring, accomplished, giving and gifted people have been drawn here by the beauty, the wine, the food, the views, and by each other. We have become a hive.

This magazine is an ongoing celebration of the unique qualities and the unique people who comprise the essence of this unique place. It is about lifestyle, but much more than lifestyle. It is about what works and what doesn’t work, about what we have become and what we want to become. It is about our successes, our failures, our promise, our future, our secrets, ourselves.

Our mission is to inform our readers, challenge their thinking and help them explore their future, in the belief that our home is worthy of both endless celebration and thoughtful examination.

Valley of the Moon magazine is proud to be located inside the historic Sonoma Community Center a short walk from the town Plaza, at 276 East Napa Street, Suite 200, Sonoma, California 95476.

Phone: 707.938.7097,