Editors Letter

Fashioning Trash 2020

Great artists have a signature style that most of us recognize, witness da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso, Jackson Pollack. Much closer to home we think of

Chester Arnold and Dennis Ziemienski. You see their work and right away you know who did it.

The same is true for Margaret Hatcher, although it’s not as easy to see her work, because if it’s not being worn it’s either hung in some closet, parked on a mannequin in a hall of the Sonoma Community Center or, like Christo’s work, gone, dismantled, alive only in memories and photographs.

That’s because Margaret is a costume artist and the incredible costumes she creates are hard to wear and harder to store. She has designed for a lot of major clients, including the San Francisco Opera, the Hensen International Festival of Puppet Theater and MGM’s Games Division.

But much more recently and relevantly, she founded the premier event of recycled couture, known as Trashion Fashion, at the Community Center, beginning in 2011. Growing by leaps and bounds every year, Trashion, as most people call it, stretches the bounds of physics and creative imagination to conceive creations that might compete well in Paris, New York or Milan, except that they’re constructed from coffee bags, turkey impregnators, eucalyptus tree buds, plastic garbage bags, various vegetables, raffle tickets, newspapers, paper plates and plastic forks, feathers, wine bottle corks, old mens’ ties, reecording tape and film stock and Barbie Doll body parts. More about Barbie in the adjacent pages.

This year, freed from management responsibility, Margaret Hatcher is back with an original creation designed around the theme Tiddle E. Winks, the vintage 5 and Dime store just off the Sonoma Plaza. The cocktail dress, made from vintage candy wrappers (a Tiddle E. Winks specialty and redemption for owner Heidi Geffen’s childhood chocolate disappointments), is complemented by a Tiddle E. Winks sun hat that strangely resembles Captain America’s shield. Modeled by Lisa Rani Horn, who also wears a corrugated cardboard bustier, the outfit looks fit for a run at Paris Fashion Week

UPDATE: Just before press time, it was announced that this event will be postponed due to the covid-19 threat. Trashion Fashion 2020 runs a full, long week, beginning Saturday April 4, when the main event fashion show presents 50 trashy costumes on the Veterans Building runway, in two shows at 3 and 7 p.m., with a an anniversary cocktail reception in the evening. Winners will be announced at a gala Trash Bash party at the Sonoma Community Center on Saturday April 11.

Dogs on the Catwalk canine couture returns at the Community Center, also on April 11. The Barbie Gallery Exhibit and silent auction opens in the Community Center April 2, and will end at the Trash Bash party April 11.

David Bolling, Editor & Publisher

Valley of the Moon Magazine