Gerri Back 

Gerri Back is Director of Operations for Valley of the Moon magazine, which means that she coordinates production, sales and distribution, contributes to editorial and design decisions and, when circumstances require, rings a very large brass bell, which she does on those rare occasions when she feels the need to enforce (or attempt to enforce) deadlines. 

Gerri was instrumental in helping to assemble the VOM team in early 2015, even volunteering her dining room table for initial planning meetings and the production of VOM’s pre-launch, preview edition. 

Before helping start VOM, Gerri spent more than 17 years at the Sonoma Index-Tribune, variously managing sales, production and design. She was part of the team that conceived and launched SONOMA magazine in 2007. Those experiences, along with manifest skill at handholding, trash collection, accounting and bell-ringing, have given her the tools to help make Valley of the Moon magazine a success.  “I spend every day working with my friends, who just happen to be an extremely talented, hardworking group of people. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s easy when you believe in what you are doing”!

Gerri and her husband Steve have lived and raised their family in Sonoma for more than 25 years, making her part of the fourth generation of a family that has lived in Sonoma Valley.  Besides working full time when her children were growing up, she started and was co-leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, helped her husband coach several little league teams (easy to do since she was always on the playing field with all thee of her kids), and she was the unofficial driver for many of her daughter’s traveling soccer team games. She now brings all her child-rearing, coaching and occasional disciplinary skills to the family/staff of Valley of the Moon magazine.