Kurt Morell

Kurt Morella is VOM magazine Design and Graphics Director, as well as an accomplished martial artist and MMA instructor, part time Buddhist and father of Kalea, now 4.

Kurt has designed every cover, and most of the interior contents, of Valley of the Moon magazine. He loves being in the middle of technology and creativity, being in the middle of clients and people while, at the same time, working completely alone on the computer. He calls it, “Sort of the best of both worlds.” 

He also loves working with Valley of the Moon magazine “because it’s a fantastic group of people I’ve worked with in the past, it’s local and it’s focused on great things about the place where we live.

Kurt loves to hike and be outside, he loves to practice martial arts and to work out. He also likes drawing and art – although he doesn’t have much time to do it these days – and he loves to dance.

Kurt says many different people inspire him, for a lot of different reasons, although lately, having a baby – now a little girl – has shifted his perspective. “Many people who weren’t inspirational to me before are inspirational now just because having a child is such a challenging situation.”

And having a child, he says, “I have frequently found myself singing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat,’ which is sort of a perfect description of life. Because we have to work at life, so you’re rowing your boat, gently, down the stream – a nice way to move through life. Merrily, merrily, always with happiness and joy. And, ‘life is but a dream,’ I think is likely true.”