Renata Virk

I love connecting with people, I love to hear their stories. We live in a small town and a lot of people want to invest in this magazine because we focus on the real Sonoma. Since I am in advertising and marketing, I want to make them feel good about where their advertising dollars are going and make sure those dollars are working for them.
I like to be challenged and I think I can do anything. Honestly. If someone says to me, hey, do you want to do this?, I’ll give it a shot. I’m not worried about things being difficult. I might fail at it, and I’m OK with that.

I have this crazy sense of optimism that maybe came from my mother and I was fortunate to have an incredible father as well, though he’s not here anymore, he continues to inspire me daily. Their belief system that we’re all equal, we’re all one, no one is better than anyone else resonates with me. Those are the kinds of things I gravitate toward, and people who speak like that inspire me. I think being grateful every day makes me happy. It helps me to focus on what’s good in life.

I think that Sonoma calls out to people and it becomes their home. I never thought I would be living in Sonoma. I’m Canadian – I thought maybe I would live in Europe, maybe even India. It came out of the blue about 13 years ago, with my husband getting a job down here, and so we moved from Vancouver, and pretty soon afterward we realized that this was home. I am passionate about the community I live in and strive to help my fellow humans daily whether with a kind gesture or on a larger scale through community non-profit organizations.